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  • Suppliers of unique, interesting and personal wines, to uniquely interesting people. With love from the hills at the heart of Europe

    Suppliers of unique, interesting and personal wines, to uniquely interesting people.

    Human powered, human scale, always distinctive, never interchangeable. Wines crafted by people, true to their landscape (that's the terroir part); wines made with pride and a lot of hard work (that's the "heroic" part); wines made in amazing regions at the heart of Europe - Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Beaujolais and more.

    • Chosen personally: we list wines because they will bring something distinctive to your table, not to fit a sales profile or a price point.
    • Made to share and enjoy: some might be amongst the rarest wines anywhere, but all are selected for your drinking pleasure - and food friendliness - first.
    • Regional Favourites: bringing you the wines and winemakers they love back in their home country. We love them, and soon you will too.
    • Quality guaranteed: you should feel safe discovering our wines so we guarantee them (see FAQs) .
    • No constraint: No minimum order - we don't use the bottle price to subsidise shipping. Buy just what you want, whether a single bottle or thirty.

    So come up, pick up a glass, and enjoy. It's beautiful here.

By Countries

  • Switzerland


    Fall in love with Swiss Wines
  • Austria


    Huge choice of Austrian Whites and Reds
  • France


    Beaujolais, Champagne and Alpine France
  • Portugal


    Amazingly diverse Portuguese wine
  • Germany


    Mosel Riesling and Reds
  • Hungary


    Top Notch Hungarian wines.
  • Italy


    Northern Alpine Italy: Alto Adige & Aoste
  • Israel


    Boutique Israeli producers.

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