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Case of the "Month", Summer 2014 [AT] Ref: JUL14CASE

A selection of favourite chill out wines for enjoying Summer outside

WHITE: It won't surprise anyone who has known me a while that Muskateller is top on my list of fabulous Summer white.

There are plenty of great contenders - try Heidi Schöck's Junge Löwen, try a swiss Chasselas, try the Triebaumers' TRIE Weiss, a Welschriesling, a Savoie Altesse... plenty of worthy contenders.

But Muskateller remains one of my great love for wine to drink on its own. And this one is magical - a rose and herb garden on a Warm summer day.

RED: for red there are plenty of contenders too - our classic Zweigelts chill beautifully, and the Mosel Dornfelder is a fabulous Summer wine, as are the lighter Swiss Pinots and youthful Blaufränkisch.
But... it has to be back to Gamay. With so many to choose from in our list I spent far too much time agonising to pick one... Brouilly is a very smooth example, and Philippe Deschamps' 2009 is as amazing as it gets.

Want more?

We usually offer the option of adding a rosé or a sparkling (or both) to the case. This time, I'm only offering one option - a sparkling rosé made of Mondeuse noire and a bit of Gamay, from the St Germain brothers in French Savoie.
It's named coquelicot, which is French for Poppy. A fun and friendly, off dry, very aromatic aperitif wine. Just delicious.

Additionally here's a suggestion for an out of this world Austrian dessert wine - made of Sauvignon Blanc and Sämling. Unforgettable.
Honey, roses, baked pear, a touch of smokeyness, amazing balance of Sweetness and just a touch of tonic bitterness.
Forget dessert, I'll just have this. Alone. Dessert and post dinner drink all in one.

Price: 72.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

3x Gelber Muskateller, Heidi Schröck
3x Brouilly Cuvée Prestige, Philippe Deschamps
(optional) 3x Coquelicot Mousseux Aromatique, St Germain, Savoie (+£36.00)
(optional) 3x Nittnaus Sämling Beerenauslese Exquisit (+£36.00)

Gelber Muskateller, Heidi Schrck, Rust, Burgenland, Austria

Gelber Muskateller, Heidi Schröck, Rust, Burgenland, Austria [AT] Ref: SCHROCKMUSKATELLER

Weinbau Heidi Schröck, Rust, Burgenland, Austria

We're extremely pleased that after the success of the Muskateller in 2009, Heidi is now making this wine permanently. I love Muskateller and Heidi's has the usual Heidi personality. It's different.

The grapes for this wine grow on vines in the soils of Heidi's Vogelsang vineyard. Truly one of the nicest Gelbers I have tasted; it's got a fantastic nose - powerful, floral, with citrus peel, rose petals and meadow herbs. On the palate quite intense, classic Muscat flavours.

Food recommendation: mussels or other shellfish; crab; lobster.

2009 Vintage: Retasted in April 2012. Amazingly aromatic nose, orange blossoms and elderflower, herbal teas and a hint of citrus - and totally dry in the mouth. We had it with cold marinated roast beef and worked beautifully.

2011 Vintage: The 2009 had that intense "wow, what was that?" quality when you first encountered it, and the 2011 is similarly fascinating. It is a medieval herb and rose garden in a glass - what sitting on a warm day in the rose garden of Castle Howard - or in Vienna - would be like if you could bottle it.

Total Price: 16.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

Gelber Muskateller 2009, Heidi Schröck 16.00 Inc. VAT
Gelber Muskateller 2011, Heidi Schröck 16.80 Inc. VAT

Brouilly Cuvee Prestige, Philippe Deschamps, Morne, Beaujolais, France

Brouilly Cuvee Prestige, Philippe Deschamps, Morne, Beaujolais, France [FR] Ref: DESCHAMPSBROUILLY

Philippe Deschamps makes a delicious and impressive Brouilly. We're lucky to still have three different vintages in stock which cover two milestone years and an excellent classic year.

Total Price: 13.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

Brouilly Cuvée Prestige 2009 Philippe Deschamps 14.40 Inc. VAT
Brouilly Cuvée Prestige 2010 Philippe Deschamps 13.80 Inc. VAT
Brouilly Cuvée Prestige 2011 Philippe Deschamps 14.40 Inc. VAT

Coquelicot Mousseux Aromatique Doux, Domaine Saint-Germain

Coquelicot Mousseux Aromatique Doux, Domaine Saint-Germain [FR] Ref: 3314008

arriving March 15
Off dry sparkling rosé - 8% Alcohol - refreshing and fun

Price: 16.80 (Including VAT at 20%)

Beerenauslese Smling Exquisit 2011, 37.5cl, Nittnaus

Beerenauslese Sämling Exquisit 2011, 37.5cl, Nittnaus [AT] Ref: 4313020

There were other amazing dessert wines at the Nittnaus stand - 4 stood out and I ended up buying 3 of them (one has to make hard choices!). This Beerenauslese is amazing value, too.

Price: 15.60 (Including VAT at 20%)


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