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Case of the Month - March 2014. I'm ready for spring!

Case of the Month - March 2014. I'm ready for spring! [AT] Ref: CASE0314

I'm ready for spring indeed - aren't you?

The fresh Frühoter Veltliner - an early ripening, blushing white grape whose name makes me think of Frühling (Spring in German). By the fun filled Waldschütz family. Crisp, aromatic, and perfect on its own to enjoy the moments of returning sunshine.
Pictured here served with one of our versions of Nordic Pasta Primavera, with asparagus, sour cream, lemon and salmon

Bluebells make me think of Fleurie - perhaps I think too much about work? I've chosen Fleurie Tradition, from the perfect 2011 vintage, by the ever energetic Jocelyne Depardon. Fresh, fruity, and named after flowers.

Now for more sunshine, the slightly fizzy (not sparkling!) Vinho Verde Rosé - delicious, and a little playful. The amazingly aromatic Sauvigon Blanc Sekt of the world famous (they should be world famous!) Steininger family. All at a TRY ME price

And a dessert wine to go with rhubarb dessert - a bit of a clearance offer

Price: 66.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

3x Waldschütz Frühroter Veltliner (3 per case)
Fleurie Tradition 2011 (3 per case)
Vinho Verde Rosé (slight vinho verde fizz) (optional 3 in the case + £21.60)
Sauvignon Blanc Sekt, Steininger (optional 3 in the case + £50.40)
Zierfandler Rotgipfler Beerenauslese, Harald Zierer (optional, 3 in the case + £36.00)


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